The Production Process of a Banner Stand

The banner ads provide an excellent way to deliver a message or an advertisement before the targeted audience that one wants to reach. To make sure that you get the maximum of the budget of the online campaign, it is very important that you have one clear picture of the objectives of the campaign. There are basically three factors that will help you get a clear understanding; the objective of the campaign, the target audience, and the benefits. However, the main concerns remain to be the perfect place to display the message, and the ideal process to construct the whole process.

The Process

An effective and excellent banner ad campaign is assembled from the series of methods that the marketer wishes his prospects or target customers to accept. The series of methods or steps further ends up as the process that the marketer utilizes to transform into transactions from the paid website traffic. The technical name or term used for this procedure is called the Conversion Funnel and that is actually a metaphor, which describes the dwindle in numbers, which occurs or happens at each method or step of that process. Considering the online campaign as one funnel is very important in structuring or shaping an effective or excellent campaigning of the online banner ad.

The Steps

The conversion funnel consists of three main steps, namely, impressions, visits, and Leads.

Impression: This is actually to measure the total number of the ad views.

Visits: This is to measure or know the number of visitors who entered your landing page by clicking the ad.

Leads: This knowing the number of visitors who have completed the call-to-action of the landing page.

Banner Ads Design and Construction

As soon as the banner ads succeed in getting the desired attention, it is the perfect opportunity and time to make the audience aware of the unique offer or the benefits. A great banner stand will attract prospects, and at the same time it will also filter out the unwanted and non-convertible visitors. There are a number of banner ads designs, shapes, and sizes. In addition to these, there are also a number of choices for an ideal location to put them on display. The colors, designs, Graphic printing, banner stand printing, and animation will also play a crucial role in this. The banner ad should be easy-to-understand as well as simple.

banner stand

Connecting the Banner Ads to Maximize Conversion

An ideal landing page is always crafted carefully that targets a specific audience using one particular ad. There are a number of techniques that can effectively help you in creating a tight & strong connection between the banner ads & the landing pages, which results in the sense of continuity. This further will help in improving the way the visitors are guided through a process and will increase the total number of results of the conversion funnel.

The following popular tactics of banner ads can effectively create continuity

• Prompting & Answering

• Promising & Providing

• Provoking & Reassuring

The banner ads should appear to be compelling enough to the target audience. You should ensure that the visitors do not get confused about the process or steps of fulfilling the offer and, therefore, you should keep things easy and clear to understand. A good idea is to avoid very complex designs and limit navigation. A good banner ad can always be very rewarding provided it is made keeping the target audience in mind.

Convertible and Reconfigurable Trade Show Displays

There was time when to participate in a trade show businesses had to purchase or build a booth and exhibit with it again and again, or buy new displays if they wanted to keep the fresh look at the future events. Eventually it became clear that exhibitors are tend to invest wisely and not ready to spend money on trade show products that they will use just a couple of times for specific events and then will send them to collect dust in a closet. In respond to their demand trade show industry created displays and accessories that can serve more than one function, or can change appearance depending on the exhibitors’ needs. This is how we got convertible and reconfigurable display products.

The kings of reconfigurable displays are truss booths. They made the way that exhibitors can reassemble their parts into differently looking exhibits or change their size. For instance, you can redeploy a 20 ft display into two full-fledged 10 ft booths. Just like a meccano set you can take separate pieces and fit them together to build a booth with your own design. You just need to purchase all the necessary parts. If this sounds too difficult for a start you can buy a preassembled booth among a wide range of truss kits, and then as you gain more experience with these displays you can start experimenting and building exhibits with different look. It is easier than it sounds – truss pieces are manufactured with twist-and-lock system that requires no special tools for assembly.


Another example of reconfigurable displays is modular booths. Besides the frame they are supplied with a set of accessories which you can select according to your desires. It means that even though all the elements of such displays are standard you can choose them in different color, material or shape, so the end product for each exhibitor will look differently. They can be completed with various accessories such as canopy, wings, headers, counters, monitor mounts, shelves, lights, etc. It is also possible to connect two 10ft booths into one 20ft display. It is handy if a company attends many marketing events throughout the year and may have a need in utilizing various displays.

Besides trade shows booths exhibitors also need accessories to make the look of their display complete. Convention industry took care of these products as well and offered some items that can be used in different ways, some sort of 2-in-1. For example, the most common form of such convertible products is a shipping case that transforms into a table or a counter. Exhibitors can put a small booth, banner stand, literature or product supplies at a show in a case, and when the case is empty it turns into one more element of a display. It is so convenient! No need to pay more to buy more. No need to hide or store empty cases when the show is running. Counter cases come completed with graphics and inner shelves, so your convertible counter looks the same attractive and fulfills the same functions as other trade show counters. Convertible tables are lightweight and can be easily assembled and torn down. To make sure your table has the best look we recommend to combine it with a table throw that will not only conceal table legs but will sport your company’s custom printed image. Speaking about table covers we should mention that there are convertible linens that can be used with tables of different sizes thank to the system of hooks and loops.

As we can see an industry of promotional products made sure to offer not only attractive and durable displays and accessories but also items that can serve business at different occasions and save their money