The Different Types of Banner Stands

Banners are great advertising tools that carry graphics and messages at trade shows and outdoor marketing events. They create significant visual impact and help develop awareness about your brand. Banner stands are used to showcase your banners. These stands are highly convenient and easily portable attachments that lend support to your displays. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Here is a brief discussion about the types of banners that are commonly available in the market:

Retractable Banner Stands

These stands involve a mechanism that allows the banners to roll up and retract to their base. They are ideal for protecting the graphic panel during transportation. They are often fitted with changeable cartridges that allow you to change the printed banner graphics quite easily. There are many variations of retractable banner stands different in style and size, to better understand the range you can visit

Retractable Banner

Roll Up Banner Stands

The most cost effective banner stands are those that look like English letters X and L when you viewed from the back. An L stand is a pole attached to its base that makes it look like L while an X stand has two poles crossing each other to form an X. These stands come in various sizes. Some are as tall as 18 to 20 feet while others are small enough to be placed on tables or counters. You can also use them as single or double sided stands, depending on your need.

Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Another set of stands called tension fabric banner stands are used for displaying banners of different size. These stands are usually curved in shape and attached with a heavy base for higher stability. You can easily dismantle them and carry the poles wherever you need. These stands are frequently used in trade shows and retail outlets for seeking the attention of the customers. They are preferably used with fancy fabric for highlights and accentuation.

Motorized trade show banners

Yet another type of banners called motorized trade show banners are often regarded as the star attraction of trade fairs and exhibitions. These movable display items are believed to convey your idea with greater clarity than a static one. However, setting up this device can be a little complicated and require more time than other display stands. Besides, they are far more expensive than other options that are available in the market.

Hanging stands

If you are planning to hang your banners so that they command attention of the visitors, you can use hanging stands. They come with three or four sided frames that allow the display your graphics quite effectively.

Table or counter top stands
These stands, as the name suggests, can be placed on the top of tables or counters. They are quite small in size and a cost effective choice for your business.

Outdoor banners stands

These are large and heavy stands that are designed for outdoor display. They are often fitted with a hollow base which can be filled with sand or water for added stability. Orbus, one of the most famous manufacturer of banner stands, offers a great selection ofoutdooe banner stands that are durable, funcional and with modern attractive design.

Outdoor banner stands
Apart from these, there are other banners stands like alpha, orient, express or premium stand which are also quite popular. With all these options available in the market it is often quite difficult to choose the right banner stand that suits your need. However, if you analyze factors like cost, transportation, the environment in which the banner will be placed or how easy it is to set up the stand, you will get a good idea about the banner stand to invest in.